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Chocolate Nut + Flax Smoothie

Who else loves chocolate as a good deal as I do? No longer most effective do i really like chocolate however i like the mixture of chocolate and peanut butter any day of the week. Creamy goodness is what i am after. This chocolate nutty flax smoothie now not only tastes decadent but packs a ton of nutrient goodness. I paired a advanced, undenatured whey protein with organic peanut butter and natural flax for introduced omega-3s.

Why I selected Chocolate, Peanut Butter + Flax

Did  that no longer all whey protein is the equal? The whey protein used in this recipe could be very exclusive than most whey protein supplements accessible. I used an indentured whey which basically means that maximum of the goodness is in tact. Undenatured whey is not heated to ultra high temperatures and spun at some point of filtration which means we still get all of the immune boosting advantages from whey protein. Denatured whey merchandise are nevertheless a very good supply of protein but do not own any of the immune boosting houses that can be so beneficial. In addition, our whey protein comes from New Zealand grass-fed cows which can be in no way treated with habitual antibiotics and hormones.

I brought peanut butter and flax for some motives apart from simply flavor. Natural peanut butter become delivered for flavor and to boost the fats content. Fats may be like instantaneous strength so any time you aren’t having as many carbs, added fats can help with power and satiety. It additionally has potassium, greater protein, magnesium, diet E and antioxidants. In addition, I desired this superfood smoothie to percent even extra nutrient goodness with brought plant based totally omega-3s which have been proven to have coronary heart-healthful results. The floor flax in this recipe additionally presents a awesome dose of lignans which may have antioxidant qualities. Ultimately, the flax adds and further nutty taste that simplest enhances the peanut butter to make it more scrumptious!

Chocolate Nutty Flax Smoothie ingredients

1 Packet Chocolate Whey Protein (approximately 36g protein)
1 Tablespoon organic Peanut Butter
1 Tablespoon Spectrum natural ground Flax
Ice + Water (for your favored quantity)

Chocolate Nutty Flax Smoothie – a way to Make

snatch a Vitamix or blender of your desire.
Upload ice + water (extra ice for a thicker shake like ice cream, extra water for a thinner shake like a thin smoothie)
add in protein powder, peanut butter and flax and mix on your desired quantity and thickness.
You can continually upload extra ice or water to exchange the consistency a bit if you need to make modifications.

Revel in!

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