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How To Make The Perfect Biltong

The precise biltong recipe

With the expanded meat prices, biltong has come to be extra of a delicacy than just a delicious snack nowadays. An increasing number of biltong lovers have determined to attempt their hand at making their personal at domestic. It can look without a doubt easy, but there may be nonetheless an art to perfecting the biltong recipe. Observe these instructions and you’ll without difficulty be capable of master this artwork.

One of the errors the majority make while attempting their first biltong recipe, isn’t the usage of the ideal amount required of each ingredient. Make certain which you blend the right amount of spice for the quantity of meat you have.

The ‘Gerald mystery’ biltong recipe


2 kg lean roasting beef (Silverside, Topside or London Broil)
a hundred twenty five g rock salt (Any coarse salt will do. The coarser the higher)
25 ml brown sugar
5 ml bicarbonate of soda
2.5 ml coarse ground black pepper
12.Five g coarsely ground coriander seeds
two hundred ml vinegar (ideally Apple-cider vinegar)
50 ml Worcestershire sauce
1 litre heat water


cut meat into strips of about four cm thick. Make certain you cut with and no longer towards the grain of the meat.

Mix the salt, brown sugar, bicarbonate of soda, sugar, black pepper and coriander seeds together.

Rub the dry spice combination into the meat and permit it stand for about an hour. The longer it stands the saltier it turns into.

Beginning with the thicker pieces at the bottom, layer the strips of meat in a large bowel. Mix the Worcestershire sauce and vinegar collectively and sprinkle the mixture over each layer. (Do not dip the beef inside the mixture)

depart it in a cool place for twenty-four hours. It is crucial to cover the bowel to prevent flies from attending to it.

Remove meat, strain the vinegar blend and add a litre of heat water to the mix.

Dip the meat into the vinegar/water blend and rub off any salt and spices that also hold.

Squeeze the beef dry with fingers or dry it with paper towel.

Roll the beef within the ultimate dry spice aggregate.

Skewer meat and hold it in a heat, however dry place, making sure they don’t touch something on the side or backside. When the air is humid, the beef is at better chance of spoiling.

Have a fan in the room in order that it is able to blow the hot air onto the beef. Ensure that all of the home windows are closed so that no flies can get in.

It can take 3 – 20 days for the beef to dry, it depends on various factors, the climate being one them.

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